Brandon Telg

Social Entrepreneur // Speaker // Author

Books I wrote and/or edited

Writing your story can be difficult. Break Your Invisible Chains, co-authored by Brandon Telg, Dr. Jaron Jones, and Carly Barnes, is an active journaling guide created to help you write your story for the first time. Break your invisible chains, and own your own story to become the most powerful and authentic version of yourself.

The Stories We Tell is a collection of personal stories from members of the Gainesville, Florida community. Stories of Transition, Stories of Resilience, and Stories of Transformation are only a few of the amazing stories you'll find in The Stories We Tell.  This book was edited and compiled by me.

Braided Brook

Braided Brook is an annual physical & Digital Journal of stories published by Self narrate. I designed the covers & Interiors of each book as well as edited each story.

Interior Design

My Spiritual Sister is Lauren Walker's true story about how her departed sister, Chloe, reaches her despite there being a dimension that separates them.

She reached out to me early in her writing process to help guide her through the process of getting a written story into a printed format.

In addition to providing general consulting about the steps toward self-publishing, I also designed the interior of her book.